Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cabalen - SM Mall of Asia

Cabalen - Eat all you can, Eat all yo want!
     Cabalen – Eat all you can, Eat all you want. This is the very famous tagline from one of the Philippine’s best-loved and well-known Buffet Restaurant, Cabalen. They offer two kinds of buffet line-up: The Filipino Buffet which costs Php318.00 per head for the regular price and Php140.00 per head for children 4 feet and below, and the Filipino – Asian Buffet which costs Php398.00 per head for the regular price and Php168.00 per head for children 4 feet and below.

     My friend decided to have her Graduation Day Celebration at Cabalen, SM Mall of Asia, last February 24, 2011 and invited the entire “barkada” along with her other friends and relatives. After 22 years, this was also my first time to eat in Cabalen. As cliché as it sounds, this was a dream come true for a food enthusiast like me. As soon as I arrived at the place, I approached my friend, congratulated her for finally finishing college and after doing that, I immediately grabbed my plate and started my evening Eat-All-I-Can “pig-out”.

My First Cabalen Meal
     To start off, since this branch offered the Filipino – Asian Buffet, I decided to try their Filipino Dishes first. For the First Wave of my “attack” on their buffet table, I had Chicken Adobo, Pork Caldereta, Beef Tapa, Longganisa, Tocino, a dish that looks like Arroz Cubana without the egg, and Paella. Everything was great but the Paella was so oily it made me feel full already. But that kind “defensive trap” won’t work against my monstrous appetite. For the Second Wave of my “attack”, I opted to combine both Filipino and Asian Dishes. I had Tapang Kalabaw, Chorizo, Pork Tonkatsu, Fried Chicken, Embotido, Tofu Sisig, Pork Sisig, Lechon Paksiw, more Tocino, and some plain rice. The Lechon Paksiw is as delicious at it is dangerous to one’s health because of its high cholesterol content. The rest were simply delicious except for the Tapang Kalabaw which tasted awfully sour. I wonder if it has already gone bad or it should really taste that way, I’m not really sure because it was my first time to eat Carabao’s meat.

Filipino Buffet Table
     For the Third Wave of my “attack”, I decided to rest a bit and have desert, so I grabbed two bowls and made myself two heaping servings Halo-Halo. I also had some Biko, Flavored Gelatin, and Marshmallows in Chocolate Fondue. After resting for a little while, there is no better way to end my “attack” on Cabalen’s Buffet Table by trying their signature Kare-Kare. It was great! The vegetables were not soggy, the pork “tuwalya” was soft, and the Bagoong was delicious. At the end of the day, my tummy was so full I forgot to leave some space for the “Bottomless” Iced Tea that we ordered.

Asian Buffet Table
     Truly, Cabalen really lived up to its reputation of serving their guests with a wide selection of quality, mouth-watering, and delicious dishes that is truly worth every peso spent. I recommend this place for everyone who wants to try various Filipino and Asian cuisine, bond with their family and friends, or to simply stretch the limits of their growling tummies and enjoy good food.

BUDGET: Php300.00 ~ Php400.00 per head (regular)
               Php140.00 ~ Php170.00 per head (kids)

FOOD RATING: 9 out of 10
SERVICE RATING: 8 out of 10


  1. Thanks for this informative review! I can't wait to try out this buffet myself. Keep up the sharing =)

  2. @mylovelylife88 It is my pleasure to share with you the "food" news! Enjoy your Meal ^_^

  3. It sounds like an eat all-you-can haven at an affordable price. Thank you for the review!

  4. Is it still P318 until now in Mall of Asia?

    1. Hi, I believe it's 398 now in Mall of Asia. Thanks!